Founded in 1948, TEEMA, the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association dedicates itself to providing its members with diversified services, promoting common interest and facilitating industrial-academia cooperation. We are known as one of the eight largest national industrial trade groups in Taiwan, recognized by our establishments and prominence. We are also committed to pursuing excellence, providing quality service, assisting members to achieve sustained development, creating additional value for members and enhancing satisfaction among members. Our role is vital in providing a sound platform for Taiwanese electronics industry and acting as a bridge between the government and the industry by coordination, communication and addressing the opinions and concern of industry members.
The association represents the complete spectrum of manufacturers producing electrical and electronic products in Taiwan. With 3,036 memberships, we classify our member products into 16 categories including computers and peripherals, communications, semiconductors, optoelectronics, household electric appliances, heavy electric machinery, refrigeration & air-conditioning equipment, illumination devices, test and measuring instrument, electric wires and cables, electric devices and apparatus, electronic components, batteries, automotive electronics, and etc.
The production value and export value of Taiwan electrical and electronic industries with upper, middle, and lower-streams account for about half of Taiwan’s total manufacturing production value and export value. Our member industries contribute tremendously to Taiwan’s economy and our various multifunctional services have helped establish our reputation and confidence over our significance in industry, professionalism, and our vision towards the future.
The incumbent chairman of TEEMA is Richard, Tsu-Chin Lee, also Director of Inventec Corporation. Young Liu, Chairman of Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) serves as the convener of TEEMA’s Board of Supervisors. In order to provide tailor-made services to our members, we set up 23 committees, and each of these committees focuses on a specific area and is guided by the chairman of the committee, the leader of that area. The chairman is fully authorized to take charge of the operation to help form discourses on topics of industrial development, represent opinions of the industry and seek for effective solutions.


Offering members global and diversified services.
Enhancing mutual benefits.
Bridging between the industry and the government to promote economic development.


Resource integration in expanding cross-strait and international market.
Innovative development in providing quality and comprehensive service.
Coordination and collaboration in building systems and reactive mechanism.