Industry Service Department

International Vertical Exhibitions and Seminars
TEEMA hosts and organizes international EE related vertical exhibitions locally and abroad annually. TEEMA and TAITRA co-organize a number of renowned large-scale exhibitions, including the Taipei International Automobile Electronics Show (AutoTronics Taipei), Taipei International Electronics Show (TAITRONICS) and Taiwan International AIoT Show (AIoT Taiwan), which have been creating tremendous trade opportunities for the Taiwanese electrical and electronic industries over the past years. In 2019, AutoTronics Taipei and AMPA together had become 4th largest auto parts show with the highest satisfaction in the world. In 2023, TAITRONICS and AIoT Taiwan had allied with TPCA Show, Leaser Taiwan and Opto Taiwan, 5 shows together are known as“Electronics Manufacturing and Applications Taiwan”(EMA Taiwan). We are expecting to build up the widest and deepest electronics manufacturing show and providing one-stop shopping experience. In the future, TEEMA will adhere to the spirit of “Excellence in Innovation and Service Comes First”, augmenting the contents of our exhibition service to assist our member companies ascend to another peak in export trade.

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Committees and Industrial Alliances
To help emerging key industries cultivate capability to formulate international standards and enhance their technological level, the association, in addition to the 23 committees, has formed 7 industrial alliances, in hopes of strengthening unity and integrated capability among companies in the same line, construct up-, mid-, and downstream industrial system, and facilitate technology transfer, so as to develop new products and technologies jointly.

Personnel Cultivation
In view of the importance of talent pool for enterprises and Taiwan in facing up international competition, the association has been actively engaged in all-round personnel cultivation and holding serial seminars, explanation sessions, and training courses with extensive coverage including technology, marketing, management, environmental protection, financial, tax and monetary practice, trade, and international marketing. In accordance with special projects of the Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training of the Council of Labor Affairs, the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), and the Small and Medium Business Administration of the MOEA, the association offers comprehensive multiple on-the-job training opportunities for staffs of member companies.

Promotion for Government Policies
We help the government to promote its policies, serving as a bridge connecting the industrial arena and the government. We have been active in participating in government’s projects and tasks such as “Regulations for High Voltage Power Equipments Installations”, “Cross-Taiwan Strait Bridging Program”, etc., providing updated policy information to our members and helping the government put these programs into practice.
We also collect and present opinions of our member manufacturers for our government’s reference when it makes policies on certain issues-- such as the proposed signing of “Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA)” between Taiwan and Mainland China, Taiwan’s accession to WTO’s Government Procurement Agreement (GPA), and the integration of industrial work division across the two sides of Taiwan Strait. We are present at related meetings held by government authorities and by ourselves to communicate, coordinate and compile opinions on common issues, and to have a voice in the process of government policy making, so that we may help create a high-quality industrial environment favorable to our trade.

Industrial Development
Keeping pulse of industrial development, we collaborate with our country’s Industrial Technology Research Institute, Institute for Information Industry, Chung-shan Institute of Science and Technology, Metal Industries Research & Development Center, Automotive Research & Testing Center, and etc., to hold technology and market forums, seminars, result presentations and demonstrations to facilitate exchanges and cooperation among the industries, the academia and research institutes, so as to disseminate new technological and industrial knowledge, to push forward research and innovation, and to consolidate our technical capacity.
We have also linked up with international resources to push for the establishment of product safety standards and certifications, which have helped to promote our industrial competitiveness and expand overseas market allowing for more business opportunities.

Issuance of the Certificate of Origin
TEEMA is an issuing entity authorized by the Bureau of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (Issuing Code AA). The Certificates to be issued are General Certificate of Origin and Re-export Certificate of Origin on imported goods. There is no restriction on the industries which TEEMA can issue certificates.

Handling Carbon Footprint Labels

Carbon Footprint Label Reviewing Committee is established through technical professionals, academics and experts. The committee reviews project applications and collaborates with CQC China in the joint promotion of carbon footprint label, carbon footprint reduction label, carbon neutralization, carbon rights and auditing personnel training.

International Affairs Services

Global Exhibitions
In order to assist our members to tap into the overseas markets, TEEMA sets up Taiwan Pavilion at over 70 global exhibitions in more than 20 countries, such as CES of the U.S., Electronica and IFA of Germany, Expo Electronica of Russia, CommunicAsia of Singapore, CEATEC and Techno-Frontier of Japan, KES of South Korea, Nepcon of Thailand, Nepcon of Thailand and Vietnam, ELECRAMA and Electronica India of India, FIEE of Brazil, GITEX of UAE, etc. The diverse nature of our global exhibition services has manifested Taiwan’s industrial strength and augmenting international profile of Taiwanese cutting-edge products.

Overseas Delegations
To grasp the current trend of worldwide industry development, we organize delegations to visit key industrial leaders, institutions, and organizations abroad, helping our members gain international business experience and increase Taiwan’s industrial strength.

Business Matching
Our role is to organize business matching events by inviting the sizeable enterprise leaders of vital importance to participate in pratical trade meetings in Taiwan and other countries or video meetings on-line.

Japanese Service Point
We set up a Japanese liaison office in 1993, in hopes of providing latest Japanese-market information to our members, facilitating industrial exchanges between Taiwan and Japan and aiming to help our member companies to achieve greater market penetration in Japan.

Countermeasures for International Trade Barriers
In order to help our members overcome predicament in international trades and cope with international protectionism and overseas litigations, we establish an alert mechanism against any possible dumping of foreign products to the domestic market and anti-dumping charges against Taiwanese products abroad.

Worldwide Partner Associations
We are enthusiastic in participating in international affairs by concluding cooperation agreements with 57 related counterparts worldwide, including far-flung Nigeria and neighboring Japan. In addition, we host and participate in a number of major international events in the field annually, such as Asia Electronics Exhibition Cooperate Conference(AEECC), Asia Telecom and Information Exchange(ATIE), Asian Electronics Forum(AEF), Federation of Asian Electrical Manufacturers’ Association(FAEMA), Word Electronics Forum(WEF).

Enhance Cooperation with Embassies, Representative Offices and Foreign Chambers in Taiwan
In order to help our members to collect up-to-date information on industry trends and business opportunities in other countries, TEEMA keeps close relationships with embassies and foreign representative offices to establish official communication gateways. TEEMA is also in contact with various countries’ chambers of commerce, such as American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan(AmCham), European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan(ECCT) and Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry Taipei(JCCI), seeking for cooperation opportunities with IPOs and connecting Taiwan’s electrical and electronic industries with related industries from other counties through the assistance of these entities.

Mainland China Affairs Services

Mainland China Exhibitions
In order to help member companies tap into Mainland China and the global market, the association organizes exhibition groups for over 40 renowned international or domestic exhibitions in the field in Mainland China and Hong Kong, such as Hong Kong Electronics Fair, Taiwan Electronics Show in Shanghaielectronica China and Xiamen Machinery and Electronics Exhibition.

Serial Mainland-China Economic and Trade Seminars
The association has helped member companies understand current economic and trade development in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau, as well as set up contact channels via holding various summit forums, workshops, seminars, symposiums, and lectures, in addition to regular meetings among Taiwanese executives in China, designed to help Taiwanese business owners overcome problems hindering their Mainland China operations.

Mainland China Service Points
The association has set up liaison offices in Kunshan, Dongguan, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Harbin, Beijing, Xuzhou and Nanjing, offering Taiwanese business owners timely local services and assistance for overcoming various problems. In line with expanding business in Mainland China, we plan to gradually set up new service points in China to meet needs of member companies.

Consulting Service for Mainland-China Economy and Trade
The association organizes advisory group consisting of experts, scholars, and industrial representatives to conduct project research on issues related to Mainland China economy and trade, offering consulting service to member companies for their Mainland China investment plans and dispute settlement.

Cross-Strait Economic and Trade Visits
The association has organized delegations consisting of representatives from industries, government, academics, and research bodies to make cross-strait economic and trade visits, tour of professional exhibitions, visit to electrical and electronics plants, attendance of seminars with local Chinese enterprises or Taiwanese businesses, study of investment environment, and formation of cooperative links, so as to facilitate cross-strait industrial exchanges.