NaviSys Technology Corp.

Your loT partner
Navisys Technology Corp. was founded in January 2007. It is our target and goal to provide the services and solutions of positioning and wireless communication to the global market.
With the vision of To be the trusted provider of IoT services and the mission of Market driven, adding values to IoT, our professional and experienced engineering team has been endeavoring to the innovative technologies, expands to the fields of tracking systems and Internet of Things (IoT) devices and services. We understand that innovation is one of the soul and motive, which will lead us to the unimaginable and wonderful future.
Located in Hsinchu Science Park, Navisys has been adopting the cutting-edge and the latest GPS/GNSS technologies to support the prosperous positioning products. These products are able to receive signals from L1/L2/L5 bands, supporting multiple positioning satellite systems simultaneously, delivering accuracy from meters and sub-meter to centimeter levels.
Embracing the IoT trending worldwide, Navisys has been successfully cooperating with the partners and customers to build up IoT systems such as gas metering, cloud server and some other important devices.
Through collecting and analyzing big data from IoT systems, our customers could not only use them to save the time and cost, but also make their labor efficient. It opens our eyes and window, and explores various potentials of AI (artificial intelligence) applications.
As the best partner of provide positioning, wireless communication, and IoT solutions, Navisys has been delivering products (such as engine board, module, mouse receiver, 3G/4G mini PCIe card, live tracker, NBIoT controller) to many global customers with prompt service, good quality, and cost effective solutions. We are proud of keeping receiving positive feedbacks from customers all over the world. Building customer trust is the first priority and goal of our core value.

Positioning Products
GR-901 RTK GNSS receiver
GR-901 is equipped with high-sensitivity, high precision engine of u-blox ZED-F9P, GNSS multi-band antenna, backup battery in a compact IP67 housing. It supports dual band L1/L2 and the satellite systems of GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU/Galileo/QZSS simultaneously in one design. Due to our experienced RF design, GR-901 exhibits fast RTK fix, high update rate for highly dynamic applications and centimeter accuracy in a small and energyefficient way. It could serves as either an RTK rover or a Base. This all-in-one smart antenna with outstanding performance allows just plug and play, fast time to the market. GR-M02 Sub-meter GNSS receiver
Based on the AG3335 chip by 12nm technology, GR-M02 is able to track signals from all civil navigation systems, i.e. GPS, GLONASS, GALIELO, BEIDOU, QZSS, and NavIC. In addition, it also tracks L1 and L5 bands simultaneously to achieve sub-meter positioning accuracy. Thanks to this capability, positioning becomes easy even in the typical GPS difficult environments.

IoT solutions
GC-502 NB-IoT Gas Meter Controller
Built-in NB-IOT, Micro-SIM, primary battery, high-efficiency antenna, and with AES 256 encryption protection, GC-502 is an ideal companion of gas meters. It sends warning data to cloud immediately once any meter alert is detected. Before receiving the user’s call, the gas operator will know the latest status of this gas meter in advance. It allows the operator to control any specified gas meter through the periodically receiving commands from cloud. The daily report based on hourly gas usage could not only read the meter value but also help the gas operator to predict and know the usage behavior of the user.

ET-202 Solar Tracker
With the mature GPS and LPWAN experiences and the integration of advanced energy harvest technology, ET-202 is a mini sustainable solar tracker that charges itself by direct/tilted sunlight with 75% higher efficiency than present commercial solutions. It reports position every 15 minutes autonomously without maintenance demand of manually power charging. The reporting behavior could be customized, e.g. reports only on moving and stop. The 4G LTE Cat-M LPWAN cellular technology and our experienced embedded firmware consumes less power than ever. The internal GPS receiver with AGPS support fixes position even in deep urban area.

Company Profile and Basic Information

Address:2F, No. 56, Park Ave. II, Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsinchu 300, Taiwan
No of employees:15
Year founded:January. 2007
Name of representative:J.Y. Chen

Business Overview

■GPS/GNSS/RTK engine board, module, receiver.
■3G/4G mini PCIe card.
■3G/4G live tracker, solar tracker.
■NB-IoT gas meter controller.